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Drake Steerables - 2nd Release

In the final stage of production at the factory is the second release of the Drake Steerable Models consisting of this stunner from National Heavy Haulage (NHH) and the very popular Vintage Burgundy model. Available for pre order from either the Drake Shop or your favourite diecast outlet….

ZT09074 NHH 7X8 Trailer/dolly set

ZT09074A NHH accessory set

Z01386-NHH  C509 truck and Z01376 NHH K200 truck - both available now



ZT09072 Vintage Burgundy 7X8 Trailer/dolly set

ZT09072A Vintage Burgundy accessory set

Z01382 Vintage Burgundy C509 truck, Z01372 Vintage Burgundy K200 truck and Z01366 Vintage Burgundy T909 truck all available now

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