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The Top 10 Drake Collectibles for 2015

The Top 10 Drake Collectibles for 2015

Based on our sales records we have compiled a list of our top 10...

Coming in at number 10 is the white with orange flashes of CQ Groups C509 combination with the Drake 2x8 dolly and 5x8 Swingwing. This is the second CQ Group model combination released by Drake Collectibles which follows on from the K200 dragline bucket trailer in 2014. Why not built your own CQ fleet by adding the CQ crane as well. Part Number ZT09063.


Coming in at number 9 is the first of the C509 big banger trucks to be produced and goes to the Central Qld boys with their distinctive orange flashes and scrolls on the big white Kenny..... It looks fantastic as a push truck for either the CQ Groups C509 combination with the Drake 2x8 dolly and 5x8 Swingwing carrying the CQ Group crane or, a fully loaded CQ Group K200
dragline bucket trailer. Part Number Z01385.


Coming in at number 8 is the newly tooled ESCO Dragline Bucket. Produced to be used as a load on the Drake Collectibles dragline bucket trailer combination this model also makes a great display model on its own or mounted as a trophy. Comes in either red or the worn look. Part Number ZWBR001.

DBT Detail

Number 7 on the Drake Collectibles 2015 top 10 is the Kenworth Ice White T909. Did you know that the Kenworth trucks with white with a red chassis with round fuel tanks is the most popular 1:1 scale Kenworth truck sold in Australia? This model has been
released in the T908 and T909. Part Number Z01365.


At Number 6 on the Drake Collectibles 2015 top 10 is the big brother to Kenworth's Ice White T909..... The Kenworth Ice White C509. Part Number Z01387


Well we are at the 1/2 way point of the Drake Collectibles 2015 top 10 models and "Making it Happen" at number 5 is the unmistakable colours of Membrey Truck and Crane Hire Grove 5130-2 Crane. These were released in July 2016 and there are not many of these left... Part Number ZTOS004-14002

Membreys Diecast Crane-45

Well we're down to the business end of the 2015 Drake Collectibles top 10 models with only 4 to go. Coming in at number 4 is the popular two blues of McAleese Transport Big Banger C509 combination with the Drake 2x8 and 5x8 Swingwing. Part Number ZT09062

ZT09062 90

Coming in at Number 3 is yet another C509 combination in the Drake Collectibles 2015 top 10 and this time it's the Betts Bower Group livery. Part Number ZT09064

ZT09064-45 O

Number 2 in the 2015 top ten models is the two blues C509 McAleese big banger. Part Number Z01381

Z01381 45

(Drum roll in the back ground)

Ladies and gentlemen....
Coming in at Number 1 in the Drake Collectibles top 10 model for 2015 goes to the stunning Betts Bowers Kenworth C509 big banger....

Released in May 2015, this has been one of the popular models released to date. Part Number Z01388.


C509 McAleese big banger

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