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October Hottest Sellers

October 2015 saw the top rugby players of the world fighting it out to win the Webb Ellis Cup but the question on everyone's lips is "Who are Octobers 2015 Drake Top Sellers?"

T909 Truck Combination

Membrey took out the win for the T909 Truck Combination kicking P&S off their pedestal from last month. Part Number ZT09033

K200 Combinations

NHH did not make it over the tryline this month. Metcalf beating them to it, and taking it out for the K200 Combinations. Part Number ZT09043

C509 Combination

Just like the Kiwis, McAleese are making their own records as the 4th month in a row as the C509 Combination best seller. Part Number ZT09062 

Dragline Bucket Combinations

McAleese is having a blinder this month killing it again in the Dragline Bucket Combinations. Part Number ZT09048

K200 Trucks

Go you good thing! Last month's prediction hit its mark, Mactrans hit top spot of the K200 Trucks. Part Number Z01375

T909 Trucks

Rosso Red was not a colour that appeared at the World Cup Final however it was the champion of the T909 Trucks. Part Number Z01368 

C509 Trucks

Betts Bowers Group this month was charged down and nailed by CQ Group to prove most popular in the C509 Trucks. Part Number Z01385

Membreys Diecast Crane-90

Like watching Dean Mumm in a lineout the Membrey Grove 5 Axle 5120 Crane can lift anything and is our biggest crane seller this month. Part Number ZT05004

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