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September's Hottest Models

Once again there were some close battles this month to become a "Drake Top Seller" for September 2015.

NSW might not have had a team in the NRL Grand Final but they knocked everyone else out on popular model sales. September's hottest Combination goes to the boys at P&S Haul-em. Part Number ZT09031. There is a very limited amount of these models still available and once they're gone. They are gone!

Kenworth T909

Here's another one for south of the border and it looks like there are a few Taylors Heavy Haulage fans out there, with the most popular selling Kenworth T909 truck going to Vintage Burgundy. Part Number Z01366.


For the third month in a row the C509 model combination that sizzled, goes to the twin blues of McAleese Transport! Everyone knows what happens when something is this popular for so long... If you are thinking of buying, best to order it now! Part Number ZT09062.

K200 Combinations

Queensland made another come back with the stunning black, red and silver colours of NHH to win top spot of the K200 Combinations. ZT09040.

NHH to win top spot of the K200 Combinations

Finally, Betts Bowers Group from the Hunter killed it as the bestselling "Big Banger" C509 Truck. This will be one of the first to sell out. Part Number Z01388.


Models to Watch

The Mactrans Heavy Haulage "Cowboy Truck" is rapidly growing in popularity with collectors. The Membrey Grove 5 axle 5120-2 Crane which was released in July, has been the biggest Drake model seller worldwide.


  Membreys Diecast Crane-90

Don't forget to check out our Melbourne Cup Madness competition. You could be our next winner!

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