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Top Sellers September 2017

September saw Vintage Burgundy come home the winner in many different forms - do you have one in your collection?


ZT09027 T909 4x8 Combination Mercury Silver
ZT09039 K200 3x8 Combination NTS
ZT09049 K200 Bucket Combination Betts Bowers Group
ZT09059 C509 5x8 Combination Vintage Burgundy
ZT09069 7x8 Steerable Drake Orange & Blue
Z01366 T909 Truck Vintage Burgundy
Z01345HH K200 Truck Higgs Heavy Haulage
Z01382 C509 Truck Vintage Burgundy
Z0B008 BALLAST BOX Vintage Burgundy
ZT09135 B Double Set Vintage Burgundy
ZT09143 Road Train Set Betts Bowers Group

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