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Top Sellers June 2017

Did your favourite make the list last month? 4 on the list have now sold out but the T909 Drake Orange and C509 CQHH trucks are both available in combination sets.

** Sold out

SKU # Colour/Livery Model
ZT09025 Rosso Red ** T909 2x8 4x8
ZT09038 Mactrans Heavy Haulage K200 2x8 3x8
ZT09049 Betts Bowers Heavy Haulage K200 2x8 4x8 DBT
ZT09061 CQHH C509 2x8 5x8
Z01369 Drake Orange Blue ** T909
Z01376 NHH K200
Z01385 CQHH ** C509 Sleeper
ZT09126 MaxiTRANS B Double Flat Top - McAleese ** B Double Set

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