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November Top Sellers

Start of summer this week and time to see what was popular in November. Did your favourite model make it on the list? Only 1 more month left to find out the top seller of 2016. Ensure your wish list is up to date to help put your favourite model onto the list for December and 2016.

K200 truck only McAleese Transport SKU: Z01362 (Sold Out)
T909 truck only Rosso Red SKU: Z01368
C509 truck only White SKU: Z01387
T909 combination Rosso red SKU: ZT09025
K200 combination Vintage Burgundy SKU: ZT09037
K200 dragline bucket combination McAleese SKU: ZT09048
C509 combination NQHH SKU:  ZT09056
7 x 8 Steerable McAleese SKU: ZT09065 (Sold Out)

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